It was the Autumn of 2007,

when we started to write

our small story,

inspired by our love for good food and our desire to enrich traditional recipes

with new flavors, creating

genuine dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Ten years after,

the Autumn of 2017,

we leave the calmness of the mountain, to continue our tasty journey, following the fresh breeze of the sea,

choosing one of the most beautiful spots on the island as our destination.

A green place,

full of tall plane trees and brooks filled with clear water.


Through the years,

a team like family whose members have the same passion for good food and mood for continuous creation, has been created.

With the primary aim to improve our services,

we desire our customers

to feel like friends and enjoy the most of our hospitality through a journey of flavors that will leave

the best impression.

"AAA" 2017

"AAA" 2019